Thursday, October 28, 2010


im happy coz i bought sumthing today..! i bought a sweater!! a sweater with furs all over the hoodie and the zip.. yup3 very da gedik.. i know.. but i love it!! i had my eyes on it for a while.. n yesterday i saw sum1 wearing it and made me want to have it also.. so i went there and bought.. wanted to buy a sweet pastel pink but its out of stock.. both stores have only black color so i bought it.. i dont care.. i want it so bad..!! n im a hepy gurl right now.. i bought a tshirt also n almost almost bought a dress and a handbag.. almost i tell ya.. only inches away from buying it.. its so cheap! cant stand it.. i wish i were rich.. so rich that i can buy anything without looking at the price tag.. so rich that i can just eat whatever and wherever i want to.. but thats just wishful thinking ait.. im hepy to be who i am, with the family n friends around me.. but hey a gurl can dream rite..? =)

and oh btw yesterday mr bf bought me a basketball goal and the basket ball..! hahah its a childrens play thing and im a child.. haha i was so hepy and even showed to my friends.. i hang it at the back of my door and play during my free time or any time i want to.. sory la ain ( the room below me ) klu bising bunyi bola tu.. hehe

and juz 4 info, we finish our semester already.. nex week is the study week n got 2 final paper b4 rye haji.. then another 2 after that.. n then its a 1 month break.. so as far as im concerned, there are no more asignments or tests or quizzes or any work to be done except cleaning my room which is in a total wreck! haha

till then.. had fun talking to u my blog! c u when i c u..


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