Thursday, February 24, 2011

show me your pose contest

cita2 nk jdi model?? klik sini okeh.. bce syrat2 die tol2.. umo 19-25 thun je tau.. =)

okeh the objective of this contest is to find new talents in modelling.. juz submit 3 pictures of yourself ( half, full n close up ) with the best pose eveeeer.. who knows its YOU they are looking for.. as for me, im just trying for fun ( mmg xde ciri2 ke'model'an lngsung tp ade hati nk join.. zzzzzzzzz )..

so here are the 3 pics.. ( jgn gelak tau =p )

1st pic :: close up
location :: hutan bandar mutiara rini

close up
location :: the zon hotel

 2nd pic :: full body 
location :: taman negara tjg piai

3rd pic :: half body
location :: kat kolej

and now i have to say something or comment on the owner's blog.. honestly, this is my 1st time reading ur blog.. so i will be commenting based on my first impression.. the owner of the blog is a model of course.. so mestilah dlm blog tu byk gmbr2 kn.. sgt totally ecstatic tgk gmbr2 photoshoot.. cntik okeh.. the blog is simple and you can see many pics than wordings..  i like.. =)

next up is why i wanna be a model.. hmmmmmmmmmmmmmm why eh?? because i love camwhoring!!! hahaha xleh tgk kmera, msti nk enterprame.. n me n my frends suke wat 'photoshoot' sndri mcm g tman2 rekreasi.. but then just free pose mcm wat peace gtu.. xdela posing segala.. so this could be a stepping stone org kate la kn.. tp xtaula layak ke x.. ( mcm x je.. T.T )

k nak tag la plak my frends yg ske camwhoring gak ::

p/s i add watermark to the pics.. xpe ke coz it says no editing.. 


Einaz Shah Rizal Thomas said...

haiy owner belog cantik !;)

Anonymous said...

As salam.
Jom join ga ni.
Cempaka kuning sebagai referral ye.tq


zety said...


hope u win the contest =)

a.m.y ^_^ said...

einaz :: hye einaz.. =) thnx 4 da compliment..

cempaka :: wasalam.. insya-allah.. thnx 4 da invite k.. =)

zety :: hehe mne ade, bese2 je.. nway thnx! =)

cunndaa said...

sume pic comey2...
ade bakat lah...
gud luck ye

a.m.y ^_^ said...

hehe pose mepek2 je tu.. nway thnx..~ =)

Farhanah Mokthar said...

cute dong..
gud luck.

a.m.y ^_^ said...

hehe tq2.. =)

♥sophie♥ said...

sweet ! gudluck sys :)

a.m.y ^_^ said...

thnx..! hee~ =)

Anonymous said...

check this out dear :)