Monday, March 14, 2011

438 days..

i dont want sumone who would jump in front of a train for me..
i dont want sumone who would catch a grenade for me..
whats the use of u doing all those stupid acts juz to impress me but in the end im left alone coz u r gone.. u get me??
what i want is sumone who would be there 4 me..
sumone who knows how to make me feel better after a long tiring day..
sumone who can takes care of me..
sumone who would love me more than anything but less than his love towards Allah..
sumone who knows how to handle my anger, my emotions..
sumone who would listen to all my stories n my problems no matter how small or unimportant it is..
sumone who understands me well..
sumone who loves me whole-heartedly..
some may say that this is all too demanding but to me its not, coz i think this is just the basic of a long-lasting relationship..
on the other hand, i would try to be sumone you can count on..
sumone that would always n forever love u..
sumone that would understand u..
sumone that can cntrol her jealousy n her curiosity..
sumone that is learning to trust you yet again..
sumone that is willing to believe in you when all odds are against you..
i want to be the one you would turn to if you need help..
i want to be the one you love for eternity..
i want us to work no matter how hard it is..
i want YOU n YOU know who YOU are coz YOU are the one im crazy in love with since 438 days ago..

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