Saturday, March 12, 2011

forever alone.. T.T

all plans cancelled.. moral of da story jgn plan.. jgn hepy. jgn excited.. y?? coz its da jinx of the excitedness.. better yet dont promise anything that YOU urself know that it CANT happen coz YOU urself KNOW why..

i hate u with all my might. i hate u 4 today n all those broken promises. i hate u till eternity.. a person may forgive, but I will NEVER FORGET.. ingat tu.. dont blame me if someday im sick n tired of all this n i call it quits..

yea yea sure u sacrificed a lot before this. i know. but u too should know that the things people remember the most are those when they are hurt the worst.. all good deeds will seem so small compared to the pain, stress, hurt etc..

i thank you for all da memories n ur sacrifices.. i really really do appreciate it.. thanks.. =)

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