Tuesday, June 28, 2011

the day after tomorrow..

salam.. hyep.. the moment im typing this entry, my heart goes lup dup lup dup very3 fast.. y?? cause the day after tomorrow, im gonna have to say bye-bye to malaysia for one and a half month.. thats long! never been out of country this long.. scary but at the same time excited.. mixed feelings.. kdg2 x sbar nk g, then tbe2 rse x nk g.. haih there;s lots of things to setel first actually.. then smlm ade chemical company called me n ask to submit my resume to their company cuase they are looking for a chemist ASAP.. but i dont think i will submit.. cause im not gonna be here for some time.. im still in the process of packing.. i even bought new socks n gloves.. n oh my online clothes that i order dh smpai! love the handbeg.. n also hadiah bday mr bf n along dh amek td n dh kasi pn kat mr bf.. huhu xtaula die suke ke x.. hmmmm k la.. till then..



Anonymous said...

luar malaysia? cik amy nk pegi mane?

maaf nyibuk hihi..

slm perkenalan

a.m.y ^_^ said...

hehe xpe3.. hyep! ni junior hilmi@mikang tym sek dlu ea? salam kenal jugak.. =) insya-allah khamis ni nk g australia.. huhu

Anonymous said...

hihi..aah..junior mikang hihi...

wah bestnye..dpt g luar negare..:)
t cre kat sne..:)

a.m.y ^_^ said...

hehe insya-allah.. thnx..~ =)