Saturday, June 11, 2011


what i did today :: on9, tgk tv, lipat bju, gsok bju ayh, tdo, on9 lgi, tgk cte, gayut, texting, drooling tgk cardi2 yg cntik kat on9 shopping, on9 lagi -___-"

what i will do tomorrow :: the same thing as i did today ( minus the drooling part kot )

what i will do the day after tomorrow :: need i say more?? u get the idea right..

so thats basically my whole life now.. yeay me??? not! not going anywhere means there's nothing to blog bout.. xkn la ari2 nk post pasl on9, tgk tv, tdo, n mkn kn?? tu yg sejak due menjak ni mmg jrg updte.. xde story.. even on weekends pn x kua g mne2.. 

p/s alhamdulillah for my tecs result.. untill today i wonder, what my life would be if i accepted the offer for TESL in new zealand dulu.. hmmmmm

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