Monday, July 25, 2011

25 days n counting..

salam.. hyep.. its day 25 in adelaide.. its sunny today.. me likey.. if x salah, the temp is bout 13C pg td.. then akn nek lagi kot.. today, tomorrow n the day after 2moro, im not going anywhere ( except kua mkn la kot ).. jimat sket fulus.. kekekeke smlm dieorg sume g men laser tag.. oh how i wish dpt g smlm.. tgk barney men dlm HIMYM tu mcm bes je.. tp die slalu kalah ngn dak kecik.. huhu but its ok.. dieorg ckp akn g lagi men laser tag before i balik mlysia.. yeay! then maybe g jail.. but if dieorg g yg mlm, me x ikut.. im a scare-ty cat ( xtau nk eja.. huhu ).. ade yg xleh tdo mlm nanti.. klu g tour yg siang, i'll join.. huhu then nk men ice skating.. kat mlysia mmg ade tp kat KL.. skali je pnh g kat sunway tu tym sek dlu.. dh lame dh.. but seyes x reti men.. n dekat2 area thebarton tu pn ade moscow circus.. huhu sume nk g kn.. aigoo.. klu x g, rase rugi sbb i dont think i'll be coming to adelaide or even australia ever again.. my 1st n last time.. huhu x sbr nk balik n then again, sedey gak la.. another 19 days here.. then, back to reality to me.. surat twran master dh smpai kat uma.. need to rep within a month.. aaarghh why why why amek chemistry.. i shud have taken business or hotel or HR or ape2 la.. yg xde kaitan ngn sc.. i hate sc.. zzzzzzz is it too late to take another degree in another course????? hmm


Anonymous said...

hye amy..selamat enjoy kat sane..huhu.
amy dah habis blaja ke?
amik chemistry eh.hebat tu!

a.m.y ^_^ said...

hyep.. yup baru hbs n knvo bln 9 t.. err bese je.. x hebat pn.. huhu