Monday, July 18, 2011

oh miss J..~

salam.. morning malaysia! afternoon adelaide! straight to the point.. miss J.. ye miss jerawat.. zzzzzzzz pppfffffttttt..~ ngak suka itu miss J dtg.. guess what?? skg die ngade2 hinggap kat hidung.. mule2 1, then 2 then 3.. like syesly?? geram! dlu jrg kat hdung.. xtaula npe skg die ngade2.. mybe cuace sejuk sgt?? huhu or mybe cause i used body lotion kat hdung ni?? hahahah slah sndri.. ingt leh avoid kulit kering.. len plak jadinye.. muahahah chemist x bertauliah ni.. yup speaking of chemistry, still xtau nk smbung master ke x.. truthfully, x minat dh nk wat research n so on.. tp ble org tnye, i would answer, nk smbung master.. aigoo.. someone, help me.. =( hate making decisions.. cause i always made the wrong decision.. haaaaaa sempuuuttt..~ 

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