Tuesday, August 9, 2011

tik tok tik tok! another 3 days to go..

salam.. hyep! guess what?? today is already 10th august.. im coming back home on the 13th.. like omg! seyesly?? yes seyesly! im going back to reality.. aaaahh i dread that day to come.. i wanna go home of coz, but as i said thousand of times before, i dont want to face reality.. surat master aritu, i asked my sis to forge my signature.. we skype n screen sharing for me to show my signture.. -____- i reply that im going to cntinue my master, for the time being.. if x stat within a year, tawaran akn terbatal dgn sndrinye.. most of my classmates smbung.. i want to study but not chemistry.. no! aigoo.. hati berpecah belah.. n a lot of people ingat im actually studying in adelaide.. hah if only! in my dreams jela.. ade gak yg tnye x nk smbung kat adelaide ke.. sounds really interesting but i have to think of my family.. ade ayah n kkk je.. alhamdulillah dlu dpt utm je, dkat ngn uma.. i dont think im ever going out from jb.. i was born n raised there.. haih ape la aku merapu lagi ni.. right now im having a mixed feeling.. sedey gak la nk tnggalkn adelaide.. i went to lots of places n met new n funny n fun friends.. dieorg sume hepy2 n happening.. i love spending time with them.. confirm x kering gusi.. tik tok tik tok sebulan lbh dh berlalu.. cpt je rase.. bye3 adelaide.. i dont think im ever coming here again.. im gonna miss u so bad..! =(