Thursday, July 26, 2012

im NOT a science student..!

salam.. hyep blog.. today my mood is oh-so-good!.. last night, as usual, i search google and youtube for something but stumble upon a diy project.. fyi, i love diy things.. seyesly.. arts and crafts and sewing.. =) then i saw videos of how to transform a dress into a skirt, how to make a simple cardigan, how to this and how to that.. coincidentally, i have this maxi dress i bought from cotton on in adelaide last year.. its long but too fitting.. susah nak jalan.. mcm itik terkedek2 nanti.. so what i did back then was flipping / tucking it so it became just an ordinary stripe dress.. 

like this.. 

so today, i decided its time to cut the maxi dress and make it into a long skirt instead.. take my own measurement and start cutting and sewing.. unfortunately sewing machine kat uma ni dh rosak.. so i hand stitched everything.. luckily its in the inside so people x nmpak how serabut benang bahagian dalam.. huhu 

my first trial la ni kirenye.. not bad.. not bad.. have lots of room for improvement.. and besides that, i also made my own belt! hehe so cute.. and also reconstruct my old tshirt into a cardigan.. boy was it simple.. so officially im one hepy kid.. teehee

x sbar nak pakai tym kua jalan2 t.. i have mix and match a certain amount of my baju but the tricky part is nak cari kaler inner baju yg sesuai and kaler shawl yg sesuai.. but still, im super duper heppy..

oh lupe.. tomorrow ade interview.. this sunday and next tuesday pn ade interview.. so far i have been to 3 other interviews and turn down 2 offer.. huhu ade ke patut.. but i have my reasons.. let bygones be bygones.. pfffttttt

oops lupe plak.. arini buke nasi goreng and nasi lemak.. nyummy alhamdulillah rezeki.. jiran kasi nasi lemak yg sambal die menjilat jari.. kekeke orait till we meet again blog.. =)

p/s what to wear tomorrow for intebiu.. hmmm

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