Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Mari Mengira

salam.. hyep again blog.. disebabkan im currently penanam pokok kat uma, so i have too much time to spare.. so here i am again.. so lets get started.. so fa mi re do.. =p

guess what just made my day???? abg posmen! hehe coz he delivers something that im waiting for.. bukan surat.. tp parcel.. the other day, went blog walking and stumble ( ceh stumble konon padahal sngaja g tgk blogshop tu ) upon this one blogshop yg tgh wat clearance stock2 lame die.. n it so happens that i fell in love with this one ( not one but three, okeh! ) handbag.. one is turquoise, one is pink and one is grey.. different corak altogether.. 

then ble pikir2 balik, i already have too many handbags! lets list em out shall we.. i have 2 pink, 2 green, 1 yellow mustard, 2 black, 1 white, 1 brown.. i think thats all.. so lepas mengira bilangan handbag yg ade, i decided to just take one.. ONE only.. turquoise it is coz i have no blue/turquoise-ish colour.. well actually my sister ade tp i want one of my own.. hahahaha  i want a collection of handbags with every colour there is supaya senang nak mix and match ngn kaler baju.. besides, the price was a real bargain.. seyesly.. 50% slash off the original price.. yang x bes was the postage price.. zzzz nway, i also bought 2 shawls.. wakakaka 

so currently ( for the moment, that is ) im the happiest girl on earth.. this is my 3rd tym online shopping and 3 3 kali adalah different blogshop.. hopefully this is the last time.. but naaaah, there will be a fourth time n so on.. teehee girls will always be girls..

oouh by the way, these past few days, tengah memunggah n memilih baju2 mane yg dah xnak or dah x muat to be given away.. seyesly almari dah x muat.. and ampaian yang hang baju pn dh x cukup kuat nak menampung berat baju.. nak wat cane, dua beradik gurl.. * innocent face * before this dah berbeg2 plastik dah kasi org but still x muat.. mane x nye, satu helai kasi org, sepuluh helai baju baru g beli.. pfffttttt

okeh enough said.. hopefully i can get thru today.. i will survive!! ( over ye kaaauu, amy )

p/s "handbag lagi??" said ayah n mr bf.. fine.. fine..~~~

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