Friday, August 10, 2012

Artsy Crafty Part 4

salam.. hyep blog.. today one whole day wat benda jahit2 ni.. im supposed to be packing brg utk balik muo mlm t.. but im a procrastinator.. =p moving on to the project of the day.. 2 projects to be precised.. lets seeeeee..

can u guess what is it im making??/

kimono style inspired..

tadaa! tempat letak tissue poket.. hehe simple je.. riben tu baru beli smlm..

the back.. benang berserabut..

project no 2! does it look like a camera to u??
ade flash, ade shutter, ade lens..

the back.. need to brush up on jahit skill..

the side.. pink purple.. awww


tp a tad bit too big.. so i put my ipod instead.. hehe

with flash..

without flash..

im a tissue eater! yumm2! feed me.. feed me.. =p

my ipod casing jd calculator casing.. kekeke fits just nice.. suke2!

actually nak wat felt ni senang n sekejap je.. tp nak dpt idea nak wat corak cane tu yg lame.. n today mmg menguji kesabaran.. benang susah bebeno nak masuk dlm jarum.. rse nak nek angin je.. dhla ngn cuace panas.. huhu dugaan.. anyway running out of stock of my materials.. i need all colours of felt paper.. i need cute buttons and ribbons.. i finish about rm15 for materials.. quite cheap.. yg mahal tu hama beads.. die je habis rm 15.. so all together rm30 gtu.. 

ok till then.. tah ble plak next update blog kn.. bye!

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