Wednesday, August 8, 2012

Artsy Crafty Part II

omg omg! im soooo hyper excited.. hehe i just love arts and craft.. dont you??

cute gak kalau ribbon die sebesar tu kan.. hehe

i wore this today! hehehe kawaii-desu

a) yg bulat2 kaler oren purple tu is call hama beads/perler beads.. adore it.. looking for a square peg board
b) hello kitty plushie + plain chain
c) love template
d) my fav ribbon

this is my project of the day.. ipod casing.. lupe nak cabut casing oren tu.. huhu

the umbrella is made of hama beads.. =)

tadaaa.. finish product.. even attach a ribbon sebagai pemegang.. cantik x??? kekeke

even though its very2 simple and x kemas jahitan die, but i still love it.. yeay2 x sbr nk gune.. =p

p/s runny nose + sorethroat = bdn mule dedo.. oh nooo

p/s/s my friend is selling galaxy note baru for 1300 only! like seyesly cheap! nak!

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