Monday, August 13, 2012

At Last

salam.. hyep! fuh such an exhausting 3 days! starting from saturday, sunday until today.. me n my sister spring cleaning the house for hari raye! yeay mari kawan2 sume dtg beraye.. tp xdpt duit raye la.. haha   oleh kerana arini kakak keje, so i spring clean my own room.. blik nmpk kecik tp brg, kusmangat.. *geleng2 pale*.. 

anyway, i made something to touch up our family picture section.. tadaaa!

lovey dovey..

heheheh suke3! love our buffet and hutch.. blakang pkataan "love" tu ade reading lamp.. so jadi ala2 spotlight gtu.. ngehehe =p

ok la.. till then.. =)

p/s ble nak blik muo ni.. asyk postpone je.. huaaa

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