Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Hello Kitty Town??

salam.. hyep.. been browsing through my fb and then baaam! i saw some one posted a link regarding sanrio hello kitty town.. and most importantly its here in johor! its located in nusajaya, Puteri Harbour Indoor Family Theme Park.. like seyesly?? i wanna go! plzzz.. how come i didnt know about it?? all i know is that legoland will have its official launching 15 september 2012.. 

it says that the hello kitty town will be opened this 26th october.. for my card holders, its rm50.. woot2..~ omg rase nak g ricki2 the area right now.. its so near my housing area.. like around 20mins or so.. makin maju dah jb sekarang.. teehee =)

k la need to start preparing things sbb dak2 SSA is coming over petang ni.. weee..~ till then.. daa..~

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