Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Im Crazy Over You!

salam.. hyep blog.. today is really craaaaazy and stressful.. well actually its not stressful yang patut rase stress tp i feel stress gak.. paham x?? huhu see how stress out i am?? nak tau nape? sbb online shopping.. yeay bitch slap myself.. dah tau tanam anggur, ade hati nak online shopping??? padan muke poket makin nipis.. -_____-"

but i didnt buy anything for myself.. sume utk org.. for belated and coming burfdayss.. august babies.. sgt ramai! 3 of my bff, my kembar cousins.. oh maaiiii.. pengsan jap.. 

im totally head over heels in love with this kasut ( for guys ).. thinking of buying for mr bf tp out of stock.. y??? y??!! y now u out of stock?? its so smart and stylo and really affordable.. the online shop mmg murah tahap murah punye murah.. free delivery lagi.. dang! but today last day utk post laju sbb courier service freeze kan perkhidmatan dieorg for raye.. but i manage to buy 2 things.. yippe! 

i called the shopping centre a gazillion times to check on the stock.. syg seribu kali syg, kasut tu sold out.. tunggu new stock dtg, tah ble tah.. stressssss..~ baru excited nak kasi kat mr bf.. surprise2 la konon pdahal dah kantoi dah sbb ngadu xde stock.. pfffttt

haih k la.. gtg daaa

p/s i know what im getting for my bday!! yiippiiieee~

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