Monday, October 18, 2010

its monday

hyep2.. siang td after class, went n see my sv with firus n pika.. dscuss a bit about how to do our draft for psm snce we havent started yet n we dont have any results.. then had lunch with mr bf.. then after evening class, went to see the lecturer to get my test paper back..

honestly, this sem is the worst ever.. no A's for sure for all subject.. carry marks are so so so so terrible i dont even know if i'll pass.. hpefully i will coz i have no intention in extending my years in utm..

dis sem is sssooooooo messed up, i tell ya.. im not the only one complaining.. there are like tons and tons of work to be done in a very short period of time.. well partly is my fault coz im a procrastinator.. but then again, the lecturers love to gives a lot of assignments.. some of it are realyy really hard coz we seyesly do not know how to fully utilized microsoft excel.. n others are just too complicated and tedious and so on..

ok im starting to membebel2.. hey im just letting of steam.. i need to go and play basketball or race cars at the arcade.. or even karoke.. really need a time off.. cant wait till everything over n done with.. but will dat day come? just have to wait n see..

wish me luck 4 tonite's class.. hope i wont fall asleep..

till then..


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