Thursday, January 13, 2011

im very da excited..~

excited.. hepy.. x sbar.. counting days.. counting hours.. counting every minute of every day.. counting da time 4 me to leave malaysia, get far away from utm n my psm n lectures n evrything study related.. wanna know why??? coz i feel suffocated juz by being inside utm.. feel like i cant breathe properly everytime i think bout the thesis! it makes me sleepless at nite.. da feeling of worried, anxious, butterfly, everything mix up inside me.. im so happy to get a short getaway, even for just 1 day.. i want to scream my lungs off riding the rollercoaters! i want to njoy myself with my mr bf.. he's da one who has always always been there 4 me, especially when im down.. he's da one taking me places outside utm n everytym its time to go back, that nervous feeling will come back also.. its like i have been waiting 4 dis saturday for so long! plz come quickly saturday.. sunday, pls never come.. =l i hate reality.. i dont want to face it.. kept running away.. but in the end, still i have to do what i have to do.. dont want to let my fmily down.. they dont know how im struggling here in utm.. myb on the surface, i look okay.. but deep down, only Allah knows.. thought of quitting numerous times.. im dead seyes bout quittng.. i know for sure, i took the wrong course in life.. its my mistake, i have to accept the consequences..

everytym i see mr bf, i will talk bout singapore.. universal studios this, universal studios that.. im excted! bout 10 people are going ( majority is mr bf's classmates ).. im the outsider, quite scared.. i know that i'll be damn quiet amongst them.. seyesly, im not that hey-how-are-you-nice-shoes-where-you-get-them chitty chatty kinda person.. in the one with hey-you-dont-smile-at-me-first-i-dont-smile-at-you.. weird?? thats me if you dont know me well.. i seyesly dont know what im blogging bout.. it all spurted out by itself..

k back to topic.. singapore! eventhough its my secnd time going to USS, im more excited than the 1st time going there.. even bought a new blouse to wear.. trying to find matching shawls n hndbag.. gedik.. i know.. but i like to match all the colours.. i know im over excted bout singapore than anyone else.. i can jump up n down thnking bout it.. oh boy oh boy! yippeaaaaa yeay! yabedabeduuuuu! i hate myself coz im easily ( very very very easily ) excited.. n most of the time, i cant hide my excted-ness.. i feel like telling everyone.. it seems braggy but thats the way, uh-huh uh-huh, i like it uh huh uh huh ( sing it )..

k enough babbling.. thnx my dear blog.. thnx my dear readers.. im happy with my blog just the way it is.. i dont care how many followers i have coz my blog is one of the ways i let out steam.. thats it.. still, a big thnks to those who follow n read my entries.. this blog, its for my personal satisfaction only.. its my way of storing my bitter sweet memories through 20 years n counting of living.. =)

p/s rollercoasters, wait 4 me k..


♥♥azatiesayang ♥♥ said...

Salam...sessi ziarah peserta GA..good luck!

a.m.y ^_^ said...

thnx.. =)