Saturday, April 16, 2011

LOMO pics by yours truly..~

caution :: as this is my 1st attempt using diana mini, the outcome of the half frame pics are not satisfying at all.. view at your own risk.. majority of the pics are doubled or even tripled layer due to less or over scroll of the film.. the lighting is also not good.. n pics are blur and shaky.. here are 25 out of 71 pics taken.. a big thanks to firus for lending me her beloved lomo.. =) i had so much fun playing n experimenting with the camera.. insya-allah gonna buy n load another roll of film and learnt from this lesson.. 

cost of film :: rm10 for 35mm kodak

cost of developing :: rm18 ( includes pic burn to the cd )

cost of producing the pics :: 60sen per piece ( around rm50 for 70 pieces.. too expensive n thats y i only develop n burn the pics to the cd.. it was a wise decision as majority of the pics are not good.. )


view from my balcony at ktf..

apart of view from my balcony.. gmbr berlapis.. =(

another gmbr yg berlapis2.. huu gmbr kak ila je nmpk..

pic taken by firus..

tkah.. my classmate yg x lokek ilmu.. =)

my mode of transportation..

bru sampai..

random kid playing at the playground..

suke gmbr ni..

us.. tripled layer.. klu tgk tol2 akn nmpk gmbr kaki n also kat
tepi knn ade muke fatin n firus..

fatin fasihah..

evening jog.. 

nearing sunset..

jgn buang smpah merata2 tau..

hutan bndr mutiara rini

the most perfect pic!! =)

domino' pizza.. dibelnja oleh nad..

blurry image of mr bf..

pizza hut.. pic taken by mr bf..

my home sweet home tp gmbr x cntik..


firus musfirah


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