Thursday, April 14, 2011

mownink ( ala2 gedik )

gmbr dari google..

salam.. slamat pagi mlaysia.. morning all.. aih suddenly i feel like doing an entry in english.. why?? coz i seyesly feel that my english is getting worse each day.. this is juz to brush up on my english fluency.. sory if theres many grammar mistakes n also bahsa rojak.. teehee

its 7.30am on a beautiful thursday morning.. hope that today is much much better than the day before.. last night i slept at about 1am i think n this morning i woke up with perot memulas2! haha gonna head to the faculty in the afternoon n realy2 hope that kak fariza has already started running my smple.. plzzzzz la.. =(

i've been babbling so much bout my psm.. i know..

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