Wednesday, July 13, 2011

have a good day, mate ( aussie 101 )

salam.. hyep! today is day 13 im in aussie! almost 2 weeks.. n from my observation n also from what my aunt told me, aussie people are very3 nice n friendly.. especially those behind the counter n also sales person..

eg :: what can i do for u sweetheart?
eg :: is that all darling? 
eg :: let me help u with that..

n also they greet us like 'how ya doing?', 'see ya', 'have a good day' n all.. n me being the shy person i am, i just smile.. n that, to them is kinda rude.. u r supposed to say 'fine, tq', 'see ya', 'have a good day too', etc.. in response to what they say.. i need to learn to speak up.. chayok amy! 

theres this one time when along went to jetty surf n she wanted to buy this hurley jumper but only size M is available.. so she asked the sales girl n she checked the inventori n saw that there's a S size in one of their other shops.. if in mlaysia, they would just say, go to that smthing2 place right?? but in aussie, they offer to send the jumper to that particular shop so we dont have to go to the other shop which is quite far.. see??? how nice n polite of them.. im not saying malaysians are rude or what not, but here, its more friendly.. huhu

one more thing, never stare at them especially when u r in the bus or tram or even at the crossroads.. in short, anywhere.. they dont like it n it seems like u r looking for trouble.. its like '' ape tgk2?? ade hutang ke?? ".. like that loorr.. u know what i mean.. i too wouldn't want people to stare at me.. 

at first, i thought that they would like stare at me cause im wearing hijab or smthing like that.. but its normal here in adelaide cause there are many foreigners here.. its either there are studnt or they are working here.. u can see people from malaysia, india, vietnam, korea, china, japan, arab, n many more.. along's friends are from all over the world.. yesterday, we went to harbour town with her friends from india, thailand n vietnam.. see?? n they respect that we dont eat pork, lard n only eat meat that is properly slaughtered the islamic way..

from the left :: vietnam, mlysia, thailnd, india

me! teehee

i love it here! i just cant stand the weather.. its freezing to me.. *dh tau sejuk, ade hati nk g men ski kat mt buller n men ice skating*.. haha btw mybe this saturday, im going to the whale watching thingy! yeay!!! i wanna go to the zoo but its toooooo expensve.. its $32=rm100 plus!! mahal wooo... zoo johor only rm2.. kekekeke n i also want to go to cleland.. only $18 but if u wanna take pics with koala, u have to pay $30.. like seyesly??? why u not cheap?? =( 

i guess thats all i can think of for now, my blog.. see ya when i see ya.. have a nice day evryone! respon, jgn x respon.. kekeke daaaaaa

p/s igonore any grammar mistakes.. n fyi, this is just my opinion.. no hard feelings yaww.. =p

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