Tuesday, July 12, 2011

dream, please dont come true..

salam.. hyep.. mlm td i had a bad dream.. ngigau gak kot.. tym tjge i feel like crying.. smpai skng msh trase mimpinye.. it feels n looks so real! huuuu i hate dreams like that.. it makes me feel insecure.. i already am insecure, dont have to add any more of the insecurities.. plzz.. =( 

moving on.. nk siap2 g harbour town jap g.. its seyesly cold today.. radio ckp min 8'C.. but i think it can get lower than that.. the wind, the chills, the breeze.. it makes ur face feel numb! n ur hands ice cold.. even kat bilik pasng heater pn still sejuk.. right now im on9-ing under the blanket.. teeheeeeeee k la nk siap.. daaaaa

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