Monday, July 11, 2011

nyte earthlings..~

salam.. hyep.. its almost 11pm here down under.. gonna head to bed after this cause 2moro, we r going to harbour town again! yeaaay! i love it there.. n the kebab is sooooo sdap n mampat! tp mahal.. $9.50.. try times 3.. almost rm30 right.. but im not sure the current conversion rate.. the last one i saw was bout 3.20-3.33.. at harbour town, nga ade sale.. all branded items such as cotton on, barlows, rubi, levis, n other apparel.. maybe, just maybe, im gonna buy many2 things.. teehee cause i consider that place as affordable for me.. its not cheap, its affordable.. its never cheap here.. even bus tickets are expensive.. -__- ok la.. see u when i see u my blog!! daaaaaa

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