Tuesday, July 5, 2011

me vs the world

salam.. hyep.. its day 5 for me today.. yesterday was my aunt's bday.. we went to her friend's house for lunch n then we went to rundle mall.. along wanted to buy another leather jacket from jetty surf, coz she got a gift voucher from her cousin.. after that, we took a G10 bus and head out to the cinema.. picadiliy cinema or smthing like that.. we watched mr popper's penguin! lawak okey.. yabsolutely..~ we went back at about 7.30pm n it was freezing cold n windy to the point that i cant feel my own face.. huhu besela kn, weather kat mlysia pns.. dhla jns x tahan sejuk.. nk tau x?? tgk movie kat cni lagi bes sbb die x pasang aircond.. so its very warm.. klu kat mlysia, kna bwk sweater segala sbb xnk kuat lgi kn on aircond.. aigoo.. mlm tu kitorng dinner kat uma je.. along masak.. keh3 bday gurl kna masak.. dh tu je utk ari smlm.. pics have been uploaded in my fb account.. so kat cni mls nk letak gmbr.. keh3 right now im enjoying my cereal in the kitchen, alone.. hehehe jmpt mkn..daaa

p/s popcorn kat cni masin! huu 

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