Wednesday, July 6, 2011

my 500th post! day 6 in adelaide..~

salam.. hyep.. chilly morning everyone! its seyesly cold here.. as usual, im wearing my sweater, glove n socks but still, i can feel the cold.. weather forecast for today :: gonna rain and the temp will drop to 9'C and below.. tomorrow n the day after, it will drop to 6'C.. gosh! cant stand it.. wanna go back to mlysia.. but there its too hot smtimes.. huhu tula msia, xpnh nk bersyukur kn.. sejuk slah, pns pn slah.. -__- yesterday, we didnt go anywhere.. just sit at home, on9, watchng vmpire diaries n eat n eat n eat *like a boss!*.. btol la ckp along, kat cni, kje asyk nk nguyah je.. munch3 24/7.. pgi bekfas cereal, then lunch pnaskn lauk nasi smlm, then munch2 hello panda, munch2 love letter, dinner nasi gak, then munch2 lagi.. non stop munching.. huhu oo btw mr bf arrived safely in korea the other day.. korea beb!! my dream place.. i wanna go there so bad.. i wish i have lots n lots of money.. =( talking bout money, i think i need to ask my sis to bank in more money for me here.. its been only 6 days but duit kua mcm air.. zzzzzzzz k la.. thats all for today.. today gonna meet up with along's friend again in the city.. when they say city, it refers to rundle mall.. so till we meet again my beloved blog.. daaaaaaaaaaaaaaa muahx! 

p/s bring back some heat from mlysia pllllliiizzzzzzz

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