Friday, March 9, 2012

back to square one

salam.. hyep my beloved lovey dovey blog.. haaa kan awal2 dh start eeww eeww.. =p wanna know something?? i already QUIT my job!! wahahaha 3 months is enough la.. thinking of waiting untill the malaysian rally which is actually an award.. nek pentas amek medal etc etc.. i got 2 medal eventhough bru je join that company.. so thats the only thing that kept me going to work on daily basis..

tp the other day ( 6 march ), i feel that i have had enough.. i cannot continue this job... i hate the ofis system n da management whatsoever.. haih geram sungguh ati ini.. tp biarkn jela.. hopefully i will get back my bond in 3 months time.. speaking of that, sushi kin sdn bhd still owes me rm130 for the uniform.. its been like 5 months already.. come on la.. u guys untung berlipat kali ganda.. xkn lme sgt nk dpt cheque tu.. it may seem like a small amount, but for some one like me, its not.. tmbah2 skg nga xde kje..

still looking for a stable job.. seyesly i hate it when people ask me what im doing right now.. x continue master ke?? the dreaded question currently.. ya ya ya i graduated last year, etc etc.. suggest keje sane sni.. easier said that done aite.. huaaaa its ok.. rezeki x ke mane.. cume blm smpai je.. usaha semestinya.. the main problem is that i dont like what i graduated in.. pelik tp benar..

so amyyyyyyyyy.. chayok2 cari kje! bru a few days ddk uma, dh nak mati kebosanan.. kakak n ayah keje.. left alone at home is seyesly x bes.. =( income pn x msuk.. no no no! cannot be.. i need to work asap! kumpul duit byk2.. nanti leh bwk fmly jln2 luar negara or even g umrah as a family.. last time i went was when i was 7 years old.. its been 15 years.. insya-allah.. =)

so till we meet again my blog.. sory for neglecting u for sooooo long.. kejap ade kejap xde.. coz i havent get back my uuummppphhh for blogging like i used to.. kekekekeke ok la.. jom layan running man with yoo jae suk oppa!! sarangneeeeee..!


p/s i hate my blog pnye layout.. soooo buruk.. n its been ages since i tukor my banner.. grrrr

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