Sunday, April 29, 2012

blogger sudah berubah.. awkward..~

eh erk apakah????

salam.. what telah happen to blogger punya layout?? huuhuu nmpak sgt its been ages since i last log in smpai lupe password sendri n have to reset the password.. pffftttttt

nway, updating bout my life.. im now 'happily' employed as a QA / RnD executive in a food company.. yang paling best, my work doesnt cover only those 2, but also i have to do admin work mcm wat payroll etc etc.. terbaek kn?? just started in this company for 1 month now.. lets see how it goes.. xde kje yg senang kn?? at least im not tanam anggur kat uma kn kn kn?? ayt utk sedap kn ati.. oh well..

nak bebel pasl kje pn x larat dh.. wat sakit ati je.. ngeh3.. but hey i can promote my company punye products kn?? haha its a food n beverage line.. we are the manufacturer and also the distributor, not only in malaysia but we export to canada, china, hong kong, taiwan, etc.. 

ape company buat?? oh yeah we have white coffee of different kinds and also herbal soup.. maybe u come across it at jusco or giant with the brand name SUNSOYA and UNCLE SUN.. dont worry, of coz its certified halal.. n we are also a GMP n ISO 22000 certified company.. my job mainly is more to developing new kinds of white coffee..

hey hey ingat senang ke nk bancuh kopi putih??? memang senang pn.. tp yg susahnye nk dptkn rase yg ngam ngn tekak manusia2.. huhu different people have different taste buds kn.. tu yg susah.. some say its too light, some say its too heavy, some say its too sweet, too creamy, too three four five six.. haha so everyday balik uma, my clothes sume akn bau kopi.. syes wangi.. har3 smpai kete pn dh melekat bau tersebut.. but what to do.. thats my job.. 

this week dua2 bos xde kat ofis, outstation ke china for Canton Fair.. nsb bos x soh ikut.. klu x, ade yg mkn megi je ari2.. haha tp aritu dpat la join MIHAS in KL n FHA in Singapore.. nsb la passport msh hidup.. then akhr bln 5, bos paksa soh g thailand untk THAIFEX.. haih tgk la cne.. nex yer dubai, coz boss nk promote to middle east now sbb dieorg sgt suke white kohi.. 

ok again now im blabbering without purpose.. whatever that comes to my mind.. haih =p

ok la.. till we meet again in a few days or weeks or mayb months.. hahahahahaha byeeeeeeeee!

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y0on said...

Whoa..amy.. Husna sgt2 suke white coffee..Teehee... ^__^