Saturday, June 30, 2012

reset password AGAIN..~

salam.. hyep.. its me again.. the-always-have-to-reset-my-blog's-password person.. i think this is like the 3rd time or something i have to reset my password coz i always always forgot.. sigh~ 

moving on.. 

actually i have no idea what to blog about coz these past few days my life is soooooo monotonous.. nothing happen.. zilch! 

moving on again..

haaa maybe today will be a tad bit different.. yelaaa kan ade jom heboh kat angsana this weekend.. last time i went was when i was in form 4.. it was soooo hot and i didnt even brought a cap or umbrella.. n then the next day i went to school, my bm teacher said to me, " amiera, why are u so dark??? ".. hahaha but seyesly even terdedah under matahari for 5 mins pn leh gelap.. thats the prob with my skin.. last weekend g tjg piai, kna angin laut pn leh gelap.. sigh sigh sigh.. 

next story please..

currently im not into looking for jobs.. rather im looking for part time classes in basic things such as menjahit, bakery classes and of coz language class.. syg seribu kali syg tym study dulu x amek full course japanese language.. sempat amek japanese language level 1 and basic communication.. tym kat utm, murah la gak.. 1 sem rm250 klu x salah.. if amek kat lua, mmg mahal.. so nyesal skg x gune.. i shud have gunekan the opportunity sebaik3nya.. amek mandarin class, korean class.. kan bes.. tgk running man x yah tunggu version yg ade subtitile.. teehee tp tula nasi dh menjadi bubur ayam mcd..

last but not least

chaebal amy! chaebal!!! fighting! ganbateh! chayok!!!!! motivate urself.. =)

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