Tuesday, July 3, 2012

one year ago..~

salam.. morning! a year ago, on this exact date ( 3 july 2011/2012 ), i was happily staying with along n abg amir kat adelaide.. dh setahun dh berlalu.. cptnye mase berjalan.. 

one sling bag, one laptop bag n one luggage for one and a half month..

ouh ini sedaaaap.. 

dh smpai! 6 somthing am touchdown..

housewarming gifts from along's housemate.. dior beb! mahal kot..

when u donno what to eat, just order sushi n pizza..

oh my.. oh dear.. *drooling* my fav eskrem mase kat sane..

1st tym learning n playing pool.. ngeh~

1st tyme dpt pegang koala wlpon koala what donno je..

meh mam meh..

dpt tgk dolphin live tym nek cruise at port adelaide..

me, abg amir n along at bracegirdle.. 

at glenelg..

hujung jetty kat glenelg..

sesi karok..~

errr? thats a pig, nasri.. not a cat..

uni adelaide..

this was by far the best aunt n cousin day ever! =)

picnic bbq.. b4 bulan puase..

had lots of fun..

another sesi karok.. huhu

the night b4 i went back..

luggages.. bye adelaide..

next stop :: korea, japan n paris.. walauweh berangan je lbey ea amy.. but i really3 want to go travelling around the world.. =( ouh n i already hbs tgk cte love rain! why are u soooooo pwetty yoona-a... flawless tol kulit die.. n x sbar nk tgk running man 100th episode.. daebak! hehe

p/s aten.. mu g bandung kan.. souvenir jgn lupe tau! tp xnk keychain!! har3 selamat berconference dak2 natural product.. chayok!

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