Tuesday, July 3, 2012

Discussion with Big Boss

salam.. hyep again blog.. been posting quite a few posts eaaa recently.. just to let things out of my mind.. just had a really long discussion with my big boss aka my dad.. 

ayah cakap, amy diuji dengan masalah keje.. dugaan kuat kat ctu.. all my previous work have the same problem.. same goes for today's interview.. sampai terpikir is it the company's problem or is it actually my problem?? hmm supposedly they want me to come in tomorrow n start working.. but i have to tolak the offer after considering and discussing with ayah.. ayah pertikaikan a lot of things that makes me think.. mmg logic pe ayah ckp.. takkan an esteem company like that, xde ofis sendiri.. nape perlu tumpang syarikat len punye ofis.. 

and after i msg and told her im sorry i am not suitable for the job, she replied asking me to call her.. me call her???? not the other way around?? you guys use land rover, alphard and even mercedes.. wheres the logic in that..

summore i was interviewed at a restaurant.. bukan kat ofis.. baru je sampai uma, they called asking me to go to office plak in 20mins time.. such time constrain.. pecut mcm ape td, dgn minyak plak dh menyala.. nsb la x mati tgh jalan kete.. summore tym die interview, die siap ckp, he has high expectations of me and only hire intelligent people.. and even ckp i have to mingle in the inner circle of dato' datins.. my interviewer ( whose also the shareholder of the company ), said that the dato's ( which are non muslim ) suke bwak g makan2 tmpat yg serve makann n mnuman yg u-know-what.. 

and after observing the office, i notice a lot of things.. dhla parking berkupon, a chinese area where susah cari makanan halal, n also no place to solat.. ni dhla nk dekat bulan puase.. yang paling x leh blah, i applied for admin exec position but my job scope includes isi minyak kete die, n tengok2kn apartment dieorg.. n also ad-hoc and everything and anything.. hmmmmmm

i dont know maybe i got the facts wrong.. but looking at how my interview was done in such a way ( full of chaos ), i dont think i can survive.. confirm stressful.. bcoz he said so himself that i need to be 24/7.. he doesnt like people with excuses like ade kenduri kawen n so on.. logically, i am human and i have a family n friends and a LIFE.. 

theres no letter offer ( same as my previous employment ).. sampai hbs benti keje pn xdpt tgk kertas offer letter tu.. if anything happens to me during that time, i will be on the disadvantage side coz there's no black n white..  

entahla.. susah nk dpt keje yg betul2 ok.. maybe sbb memilih sgt.. tp mmg kna memilih.. bak kate ayah, not necessarily they pay gaji, they can ask us to keje mcm slave.. at their beck and call.. one wrong move, n habis kna marah.. i can imagine if a work at this company today, i would be soooo stressed out and let it out at the people i love..

keje kilang makann dulu tu pn, i cried a few times mase tgh keje sbb stress sgt.. but obviously my bosses x tau n x nmpk.. dont get me wrong.. x pnh lg boss marah me.. siap ade yg ckp im the boss's fav.. i do what im told but i have limit gak la.. sape yg tahan klu kna diri dr pagi smpai petang n x dpt break pn.. pnh tau x break.. x mkn spnjg ari smate2 nk produce kopi sbb customer nk dtg ptg tu.. berdiri la dlm lab.. 

but at least my previous boss jage bab halal haram.. tym g exhibition kat kl and singapore dulu, we all mkn separate.. me n my colleague die drop off tmpt len n dieorg g mkn tmpt len.. ok la kn.. sensitif la jugak dieorg.. well looks like im blabbering almost everything yg terpikir.. 

chaebal amy.. chaebal....~

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