Monday, July 30, 2012


salam.. hyep blog! whatcha doing?? huhu me? im just lying in my bed and typing this, like a boss.. hua3 actually i have no idea what to post tp sebab im getting bored, so i decided to scribble2.. okla lets story mory bout yesterday, shall we.. so yesterday i went for the walk-in interview for a certain post at a certain somewhere.. fill in the forms, answer an objective question and wait to be call in for the interview.. my first experience in group interview.. before this, sume one on one interview.. 

as usual, introduce yourself, and yadaa yadaa so on.. we were like the group yang paling lame in the interview room.. almost an hour i think.. huhu because me and another girl, we ask a LOT of questions.. well, you know me.. the kepochi-want-to-know-more-details kinda girl.. =p but the interviewer, he's sooooo handsome! muke putih and suci and flawless.. kalah kulit i tau.. huhu and he's so soft spoken.. sgt perlahan suare die.. ni mesti jenis x senang marah or baran.. kekeke suke ati je deduce.. nway moving on.. after settle interview, terus g bazar taman U to buy food for iftar.. lame x g ctu sejak dah grad.. 

ooo before i forgot.. i have something interesting to share.. pagi semalam, kakak ade btau die nak beli suratkhabar sbb die ckp kwn die ckp, muke die masuk paper tym program ngn anak yatim maybank aritu b4 bulan pose.. so i was like ok.. my face mesti x masuk sbb tym sesi bergambar akhir2 tu, i x join.. pagi tu memang dah plan nk g kubur ibu.. bawak air and singgah kedai beli bunga.. sambil tu cari newspaper.. tp paper tu agak sukar nak jumpa.. sbb ni bukan paper yg fofular2 tu.. 

tym odw balik, kakak singgah petronas yg sederet menara kastam tu.. n tadaaa! paper tu ade.. terus terkocoh2 turun n beli.. flip2 pages and we saw it.. and i was like literally yelling sbb ade my face gak in it.. hahaha dasar jakun.. -_____-" okeh thats all.. end of story.. the end.. zilch.. hahahahha

btw sok ade 2 interbiu.. interview yg ptg kat taman daya.. a bit far.. and ayah hntar! weeee..~ hehe i think thats all i want to blabber about.. till we meet again my dearest blog.. muahxx2! 

p/s nope.. nothing.. =p

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