Wednesday, August 1, 2012

2 hours

salam.. kabare blog?? =) yesteday's interview was by far the longest interview i ever had in my life.. ceh life la sgt kan padahal baru bpe kerat g interview.. but seyesly, 2 jam with the interviewer.. one boss and two of his employee.. appointment kul 3pm but i arrived early then pusing2 that area to kill the time.. 15mins before 3pm, tepon the company and masuk.. as usual, have to fill up the forms etc etc.. the boss was there too.. how i know that thats the boss?? cause of his bossiness and the way his employee talk to him with respect.. and from my 5mins of observation, i can roughly know what kind of a person he is.. 

after that, i was brought into the boss's room, together with the 2 female employee.. he ask me whether i want to communicate in malay or english.. i answered english and he asked if im confident and i answered yes.. so moving on to self introduction, family background, education, working experience, interests and so on so forth.. during the interview, he asked me something regarding chemistry and i fail to answer and he even lend me his computer for me to google and give him an answer in 15 minutes.. well i was the one insisting that nowadays we can always google for answer.. aaha amek kau.. 

he even told me that usually the interview went on for only half an hour and if he is not interested in the candidate, he will just angkat kaki jalan and the 2 other employee will take over.. hua3 kembang siket di citu.. oops! and and and die cakap jugak that he likes my confidence level and my communication skill.. other than that, he is not impressed especially my basic chemistry.. whahaha i told u i dont like sc but i didnt tell him that.. obviously.. kekeke 

anyway theres a second round interview and mainly about technical stuffs.. he gave me a heads up on what to expect.. thank you thank you.. oo btw i turned down another job offer yesterday.. so i think thats like the 3rd time im doing it.. sigh~ supposedly i have 2 interviews yesterday but i cancelled one of it.. sigh sigh~ alhamdulillah today i got another call for interview this coming friday.. and im supposed to send in by hand my resume to this one particular company, if posiible by today.. tp ngan cuace mendung2 nak hujan guruh2 ni, it makes me think thrice.. hua3

plzzzzzz jgn blackout.. i need my internet connection and my lappy all the time.. or else i'll be mati kebosanan again.. aaaaa not forgetting 3-5 ogos ni at persada ade pc expo.. u bet im gonna go!! weehuuuu..~ alrighty then..daaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa


LELAKI INI said...

sukanya kena puji melambung2!

a.m.y ^_^ said...

haha xdela suke mne pn.. sket je.. =pp